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  • “I was suffering from migraines and pain medication wasn’t helping at all. I decided to try Vibra CBD because a friend recommended it to me. I bought the 350mg mint oil and I’ve been taking half a dropper in the morning and evening. I have been taking it for a week now and the migraines are completely gone.

    I also seem to have way more energy now and I’ve been taking walks when I wake up in the morning which I never used to do before lol. Really happy with Vibra CBD. I’m going to keep taking this for sure.”


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  • “I decided to try Vibra 750Mg lemon flavor cbd oil because I was feeling tired and stressed at work. I just didn’t seem to have much energy. Im happy to say that after a couple days of using the oil, I’ve noticed general overall improvement in how I feel.

    I feel calm and centered and I also have more energy during the day. I’ve been taking half a dropper under the tongue in the morning and evening. I’m really excited to see how I feel after more time but so far I’m very impressed with the Vibra CBD oil and I like the taste as well!”

    Mark P

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  • “I tried using the Vibra CBD topical cream on my shoulder and I couldn’t believe the good results I had with it. I use it whenever my pain flares up and it works miracles for me.

    I’m also a type II diabetic, as well. I’ve suffered from neuropathy in my feet for a number of years now. I rub the cream on my toes and feet and the relief is almost immediate. I works as well as prescription medications, and at a fraction of the cost.

    I recommend this cream to anyone else who suffers from similar type pains. I don’t think you would be disappointed.”


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